Playing back remote mp3 files

Jesse Sng jsng at
Thu Sep 23 01:53:18 EDT 2004


I'm just starting to explore Revolution and have used Hypercard and 
Supercard extensively for stack and externals development since 1988 
through the 90s.

I'm trying to build a standalone browser that will allow the user to 
select from a list of mp3 files and then either stream or download 
them to his hard drive for local playback.

What I'm trying to figure out now is what do I have to do to get the 
QT player to reference a file that's located on a web server? Which 
property do I set to specify that? Seems like it is specified during 
the open command but my understanding is that it requires a file and 
not a URL.

Also if I were to download this in the background as a user option, 
do I need to use the libURL functions to bring this down and store it 
myself or can I use the load command to cache this instead?

I apologise if the questions are too simple, but as a former 
developer on a similar environment, I'm trying to "orientate" myself 
as to what Revolution can or cannot do for me.

The reason I'm doing this that I want to have a library of mp3 files 
that are available online but are not accessible via the web browser 
but through our own custom navigation and standalone app. The idea is 
to both simplify the task of navigation and also the task of updating 
that information as I'll probably be working on a tool that will 
allow someone to easily post that information up.

Jesse Sng

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