Documentation stack and lost work

Wayne McKenzie wayne_mckenzie at
Wed Sep 22 20:18:31 EDT 2004

On 22/09/2004, at 11:19, Alister wrote:

>  When I mis-type something into the "find text" box of the (new v2..5)
>  Documentation stack, the "No entries match your filter criteria" alert
>  appears.
>  Hit <return> to close the alert
>  Hit <backspace> to delete the characters I typed
>  .....
>  but not quick enough. The dialogue is back, "No entries ...."
>  .....
>  and then, I notice that the object I've been working on (perhaps a
>  multi-field group) has disappeared!
>  Undo? Nothing left to undo. Curse? Profoundly.
>  Has anyone else encountered this?

Is that why my objects have been disappearing.

I've probably had two or three fld/btn disappear on me and I hadn't 
quite figured out why, but now you've mentioned this it has all come 
together. I am editing a script (with multiple scripts usually open) 
when I need some help with a command or function syntax so I go to the 
docs. I return to the script and continue to edit (usually involving 
the odd backspace) and a dialog will come up telling me the fld/btn 
whose script I am editing no longer exists!! As you say, immediately 
selecting Undo does nothing.

I had been suspecting the Message box, quite often after checking a 
syntax I will call up the Message box and delete what ever is in there 
and then test out the command to make sure it does what I want it to 
do. In all, by the time I discover the fld/btn is missing I've probably 
pressed the delete key half a dozen times in the last minute or two.

I hadn't considered as far back as the docs, but from now on I'll 
certainly be keeping a closer eye on what happens.

Thanks for the heads-up,

OSX 10.3.5

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