get URL and decompress()

jbv jbv.silences at
Wed Sep 22 16:53:12 EDT 2004

Hi again,

Could it be related to the charset property ?
I'm on Mac OS9, and I upload my compressed
text file to the Linux server via ftp.
When I download that same file to my HD with
a ftp client and compare the content with the
original file using BBedit, I get the same thing.
But when I download it in Rev using "get URL",
I get binary data, but different.
Also, when I grad an uncompressed text file from
the server with "get URL", some special characters
get transformed : é becomes È for instance...
This happens on Mac but not on Windows...


> Hi list,
> I have a text file that contains compressed data
> (using the compress() function).
> When I open it as local file and try to decompress it,
> everything's fine.
> But then I try to put it on a server, and access to it as
> follows :
>   get URL ""
>   put decompress(it) into temp
> and it returns an error, as content isn't recognized as
> compressed data.
> What did I miss ?
> Thanks,
> JB
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