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Frank Leahy wrote:

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>>>>> One interesting possibility would be to add PAD file generation to the
>>>>> standalone builder. It could generate the correct format for he 
>>>>> platform
>>>>> it's building for. Perhaps it's worth atting to bugzilla as an
>>> enhancement??
>>>> I'd vote for it, once the PAD standard is enhanced to accomodate the
>>>> same range of platforms.
>>>> -- 
>>>>  Richard Gaskin
>>>>  Fourth World Media Corporation
>>> So you are suggesting that some of us should get involved with the
>>> PAD project and submit enhancements to accomodate Macs and
>>> multiplatform deployment, right?
>> I've been poking around the news group and I can't see such a discussion
>> occuring. What's the subject of the thread?
>> Cheers
>> Monte
> Richard,
> I downloaded MacPADEdit 1.0 from the web, and it had checkboxes for all 
> sorts of release platforms -- Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS, Mac OS X, 
> etc. -- and I was able to generate a PAD file that showed my product as 
> being released on Windows XP/2000 and Mac OS X.
> What issue are you having with the PAD format?

The question is what issues do the MacPAD folks have with PAD.  My only 
question is about the unnecessary duplication of effort and potential 
marginalization of the Mac by encouraging use of a new format over the 
long standing and widely-used PAD format.

Ricard Batista, creator of the MacPAD format, is a very smart fella, so 
I'm sure he can articulate what he feels are weaknesses in the existing 
PAD standard.  I've encouraged him to participate in the discussion at 
the PAD newsgroup, and look forward to seeing his posts there.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Media Corporatio
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