Stack corruption in Windows only

RGould8 at RGould8 at
Wed Sep 22 10:58:28 EDT 2004

I've got a stack that I've been working on in Mac OS X 10.3.5.   It's been 
working great without any problem on the Mac, using Revolution 2.5.   I take the 
exact-same stack file and try to open it up in Windows in Revolution 2.5, and 
it says that it is corrupted.

Searching the archives, it sounds like to need to go through the stack on the 
Mac and keep deleting cards/objects until it works on Windows, to narrow down 
which object is corrupted.

That's not going to be very fun - - - - just checking here first to see if 
anyone else has experienced this, and if there is a workaround.   It's a stack 
that started out as a Rev 2.2 stack (which worked in Mac and Windows), and then 
I upgraded to 2.5, and now Windows isn't happy.

- Rob

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