No Disk error & MountedDisks

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I concur with Hugh.  On my Win2k with rev 2.5, "the volumes" lists all
drives, whether they are "available" or not, like the floppy, the CDROM
(with no disk loaded), and network mappings, even if that resource is
currently unavailable (the computer is down/disconnected).  So then you need
a way to test each drive.  Using (there is a file...), I don't have a
problem with any of them using except the floppy.  It pops up the error
dialog that Hugh mentions.

Hugh, do you get the error dialog with any other drives?  If not, then you
could just always exclude the A: drive, which for 99.9% of Windows PCs that
would be the one and only floppy drive.

Jay Madren

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Agreed, the result is "false", but only after a system error message "There
is no disk in the drive  [Cancel] [Try Again] [Continue] "

This is  engine 2.6.1 (Rev2.5) on win2k.

And thank you Jay Madren, but unfortunately your solution does take too
in a hypertext "mouseOver" situation. I think I will have to live with  it.



I'm with Alex on this. On Win2k, RR2.5 and  2.2.1:

"put the volumes" returns me a list of *all* my mounted  drives,
including floppies, hard disk partitions, CDRoms, and network  drives.

And no System errors trying "put (there is a file tPath)" on any  of
these types, even non-mounted floppies. Just a straight true or  false.

-Mark Wieder
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