No Disk error & MountedDisks

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Tue Sep 21 18:45:08 EDT 2004

Agreed, the result is "false", but only after a system error message "There  
is no disk in the drive  [Cancel] [Try Again] [Continue] "

This is  engine 2.6.1 (Rev2.5) on win2k.

And thank you Jay Madren, but unfortunately your solution does take too  long 
in a hypertext "mouseOver" situation. I think I will have to live with  it.



I'm with Alex on this. On Win2k, RR2.5 and  2.2.1:

"put the volumes" returns me a list of *all* my mounted  drives,
including floppies, hard disk partitions, CDRoms, and network  drives.

And no System errors trying "put (there is a file tPath)" on any  of
these types, even non-mounted floppies. Just a straight true or  false.

-Mark Wieder
mwieder at

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