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Gordon Tillman got at
Tue Sep 21 13:11:46 EDT 2004

Hi Mark!

I have studio licenses for both mac and windows platforms and have 
tested this updater on both.  The mac side updated with no complaints 
and no errors.  On the Windows side I got this error message:

There was an error executing a script in stack Revolution Version 
Checker.  No more information is available because the stack is 
password protected.

I acknowledged the message, quit Revolution, and tried again.  This 
time instead of two updates being available, there was only one 
"revstandalonesettings,"  so apparently the first updated was correctly 
downloaded in spite of the error message.

I received the same error as before, close Revolution, and restarted 
it.  This time, when I checked for updates, I was told:

You have the latest version of Revolution along with the latest updates.


On Sep 21, 2004, at 10:56, Mark Chia wrote:

> Hi,
> We now have in place an updater (beta) for Revolution 2.5. To use this,
> go to the menubar and select "Check for Updates". A stack should then
> open informing you that updates are available for 2 files:
> 1. Library (revlibrary) - fixes the revGoURL issue with "mailto"
> 2. Standalone Builder (revstandalonesettings) - fixes issues on OS X
> with externals
> This will download, backup and place the new files in the appropriate
> directory. The old files will be named with a ".org" extension.
> There have been cases where sometimes the updater will mention that an
> error has occured in the stack (we are trying to track this down). If
> this occurs restart Revolution and check for updates again. Once this
> process has completed and you are informed that you have the latest
> version along with all updates, there should be a 
> and
> files in the "components/global
> environment" and "component/tools" directories.
> Please ensure that you make relevant backups before trying this 
> updater.
> Thanks.
> Mark
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