Waaaaaaaay OT: Lutefisk AND haggis

sims sims at ezpzapps.com
Tue Sep 21 07:51:46 EDT 2004

I want to make it perfectly clear that no chitlins, tripe, cow's brains,
haggis, or lutefisk will be served at...

The European Revolution Conference
14-15-16 November 2004


Bed & breakfast at a very nice, seaside hotel is included in the price.

There will be wonderful coffee breaks and really sumptuous lunches served
in the conference hall. I've already sampled the lunch menu...it has many
items which are not in the list at the top of this email.

Be there or be square!

Fantastic ErorRevCon tee shirts & other items available at:


>Here in the Southern USA, there are two dishes that may rival haggis 
>and lutefisk.  They are chitlins (chitterlings) and tripe.  Chitlins 
>are the small intestines of hogs, and tripe is the muscular lining 
>of a a cow stomach.  Also, my father used to eat cow's brains like 
>scrambled eggs.  I was born and raised in Greenville, South 
>Carolina, and I can say... I've never had either any of these.  :-)
>-James  ;-P
>On Sep 21, 2004, at 7:07 AM, Klaus Major wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>>>With potatoes, bacon, peas and particularly beer and aquavita 
>>>>[lutefisk] always becomes a delicious meal.
>>Sounds like the prototype of an unforgettable romantic dinner:
>>Lutefisk and Haggis!
>>With this combination, noone will ever make it to the delicious 
>>dessert "Tiramisu" :-D
>>From: 50 ways to leave your lover (?)
>>Or better: 50 ways to make your lover leave ;-)
>>Klaus Major
>>klaus at major-k.de
>>This is just a joke, of course, like most of you i have lutefisk and haggis
>>at least once a week! ;-)
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