XQuery in Rev?

Joël Guillod joel.guillod at net2000.ch
Tue Sep 21 06:35:41 EDT 2004


I use DBXML as an XML database which allows to do XQuery and much 
more... Have a surf on http://www.dbxml.com/product.html

I made a couple of Rev functions/handlers to communicate with dbxml. If 
some are interested I will clean my scripts and publish them. Let me 

And YES, we need much more xml capabilities in Rev. Probably we will 
because the new RR documentation format is xml based.


 > I just glossed over the nice XML tutorial that most folks point to, 
and I
 > didn't really see any mechanism to use Xquery to get data from an XML 
 > Did I miss anything in this regard? I'm much more used to issuing XQL
 > commands to get data.
 > ~~~ Arthur

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