POSTing a file to a web server

Chipp Walters chipp at
Tue Sep 21 00:44:32 EDT 2004

Hi Richard,

It's possible to do, but not necessarily trivial as you need to use a 
php or asp script on the server side. Check out in the documentation:


and you might want to take a look at the RFC1867 spec (Google)

I had an old library that did what you want, but it's been implemented 
now inside of libURL. It's called altSAFileUp Library and can be found at:

It may be useful to help explain the concept.

Richard Davey wrote:

> I am new to Revolution, having been playing with it for a few days
> now. I am interested to know what the easiest way might be to POST a
> file to a web server? (not an FTP upload). I have managed to post
> variables to a server, but not a file yet.
> If it is possible, is there a way of having a progress bar track the
> upload? Or is it a blocking operation?

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