table cell contents

Alister Pillow alisterhp at
Mon Sep 20 21:23:24 EDT 2004

I've been looking everywhere (docs, lists etc) for an example of how to 
set the contents of a table field which has "cell editing" turned on.

If I put some text into the "Contents" panel of the (table field) 
Property Inspector, the text appears correctly in the table - until the 
table is clicked in browse-mode, when the text disappears.

 From the message box...
	set the text of field "mytable" to "fish" &  tab & "potato"
... works as expected, setting cells 1 and 2 of row 1 - but as soon as 
I click in the table, that text disappears.

In the same table, I can click in a cell, type some text "cheese", tab 
to the next cell and add more text "lettuce" - all works as expected. 
Then, if I run the above script from the message box, the content is 
replaced (as expected). But when I click the field, "fish" and "potato" 
are immediately replaced by "cheese" and "lettuce".

Is this a bug or am I missing something? Are there any docs on using 
the "table field"?


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