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Mark D. Clark markclark at
Mon Sep 20 17:38:17 EDT 2004

Hi Jay,

I work for a SAN company and our product has snapshot capability  
(unlimited snaps per volume, actually). We do support VSS but MS  
doesn't just yet for SQL server. Once it does, no worries, but there  
might still be times when pausing sql and doing something different (as  
might be possible from rev) could be interesting. I was really hoping  
someone on the list might have already had experience with this.  
Unfortunately I don't have SQL server handy  so it's a bit difficult to  
work it out.  Plus, as you can imagine, this is something I am doing on  
my own time and doesn't represent my company, blah blah blah. I did  
find a couple of links about sql-dmo but haven't gone very far (no  
server to play with). 


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> Mark,
> I haven't investigated SQL Server snapshot backups before, but a quick  
> look
> through the docs and their web site seems to indicate that there's  
> probably
> some API or DMO call used to "freeze" the database at the time of the
> snapshot.  The MSDN site refers to some VC++ examples, but I couldn't  
> locate
> them.  If you could find them, then you should be able to determine  
> how they
> are accomplishing it.
> I'm curious, why do you want to do a snapshot backup instead of the  
> normal
> backup method.  I understand that it's intended for high availability
> scenarios and supposed to have minimal impact on the server, but you  
> have to
> have the right equipment to pull it off (3 way mirror or something like
> that).  Is this what you're working with?
> Jay Madren

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