Urgent: QT quality too low - solved!

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Sep 20 17:12:30 EDT 2004

Richard Gaskin wrote:

> I have a movie sized 1024 x 736 which is in a player, and while it looks 
> reasonably sharp in Apple's QT Player it is noticeably fuzzier in the 
> Rev player.
> I've double-checked the size of the movie and turned off the border, 
> still fuzzier.
> As far as I can discern, I see two potential causes:
> 1. The sizes as set by Rev are wrong.  I can tweak pixel by pixel
>    and see if that solves it.
> 2. The movies were made with QT's "High Quality" enabled.  Does
>    Rev's player not honor that?  I don't know how to get past
>    that if that's the case.
> Anyone here found QT's not as sharp in Rev as in the QT Player?
> How did you get around it?

I found the culprit, it was #1 above.

Apparently the natural size Rev assigns the player when the fileName is 
set is 1 pixel too short, at least when the showBorder is off and the 
showController is on.

I've Bugzilla'd this here:

It may be a problem with the QT API (wouldn't be the first one), or an 
issue with how Rev uses it. Either way, once you know what's up it's 
easy to work around: just add 1 pixel and set the lockLoc of the player 
to true.

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  Fourth World Media Corporation
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