revCopyFile different in 2.5?

Christian Langers christian.langers at
Mon Sep 20 14:29:20 EDT 2004

Hello all !

I do have the same problem. My script which worked without a problem in
2.2.1, does not copy anything ...

ask question "Name des Schülers ?" as sheet
      if the result is not "cancel" then
        put it into tFoldName
        create folder ("Dossiers/" & tFoldName)
        create folder ("Dossiers/" & tFoldName&"/"&"data")
        put ("Dossiers/" & tFoldName&"/"&"data") into tdestination
        revCopyfile "sources/dataproj.rev",tdestination
        revCopyfile "sources/ascriptsproj.rev",tdestination
        revCopyfile "sources/MoviScrproj.rev",tdestination
        revCopyfile "sources/texteproj.rev",tdestination
        revCopyfile "sources/fotosproj.rev",tdestination
        set the cProjet of stack "Projet" to (tFoldName&"/"&"data")
        set the cProjetp of stack "projet" to "Dossiers"
        set vis of stack "Action research diary" to false
        set the cWhichStack of stack "Action research diary" to 2
        set the cEleves of stack "Projet" to 1
        go stack "Projet"
        set label of stack "Projet" to ("Dossier élève :"&& tFoldname)
        exit mouseUp
      end if

What's the matter with the revCopyFile command ?

Thanks for any suggestion or workaround (even the "put URL binfile..." did
not work????)


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