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Sun Sep 19 10:48:38 EDT 2004

On Sep 19, 2004, at 12:17 AM, doupsy at wrote:

> Hello,
> I made a normal button (not popup neither pulldown) with a very simple 
> script inside (on mouseup ; beep 3 ; end mouseup).
> I put the acceleratorModifiers to Cmd and the acceleratorKey to "b".
> If I do Cmd-b, the button hilite and there is 2 beeps.

If this is for a Mac, you need to group your buttons.  For this example 
will call the group "my menu".  Then you set the menubar of 
"yourmainstack" to "my menu".  Once you do that, your Mac menus will 
show up with accelerator keys ready to go.

> Then, if I put the acceleratorText (of this button) to "xxxx", I see 
> xxxx in the right of this button. I should like to know if there is a 
> special character (if yes, which number ascii or which combination 
> keys to do it ?) for cmd and option and shift. I thins perhaps it is 
> the same thing : is it possible to put a picture in a button ? Are the 
> symbols of cmd, option and Shift : characters or pictures (this 
> symbols we see at the right of menuitems in menubar for example). I 
> found this symbols :  ð Ã  for example, but not symbols for cmd, 
> option and shift.
The "/" is for the cmd.
I do not know if shift and option are supported.  Maybe someone else 
will know.

> I have an other question about this use-revolution mailing list : how 
> is it possible to answer directly to a thread ? I use this mail list 
> with Safari.
You should set up your e-mail client to read in this mail.  The 
built-in mail app can group threaded messages pretty well.  Mail lists 
do not do well in browsers.  Forums and browsers go better together.

Best regards,
Mark Talluto

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