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 > Hello,
 >How is it possible to write something in the acceleratorText of a
 >button to have the symbole of Command Key or Option Key of Shift Key
 >(like we could see in standard menus of MacOS or MacOS X). >I tryed 
for example  to put :   ThisWord/B   into acceleratorText, and
 >I obtained :    ThisWord/B   and not  ThisWord    SymbolCmd B

This should work as you have written if you set this up in a button to
be used as a menu.  If you are using the built-in menu builder, then
this should also work as stated.

Did you do this on your own or through the Menu Builder?

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Mark Talluto

On a Mac, accelerators only work in menus. They don't work in other 

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I made a normal button (not popup neither pulldown) with a very simple 
script inside (on mouseup ; beep 3 ; end mouseup).
I put the acceleratorModifiers to Cmd and the acceleratorKey to "b".
If I do Cmd-b, the button hilite and there is 2 beeps.

Then, if I put the acceleratorText (of this button) to "xxxx", I see 
xxxx in the right of this button. I should like to know if there is a 
special character (if yes, which number ascii or which combination keys 
to do it ?) for cmd and option and shift. I thins perhaps it is the 
same thing : is it possible to put a picture in a button ? Are the 
symbols of cmd, option and Shift : characters or pictures (this symbols 
we see at the right of menuitems in menubar for example). I found this 
symbols :   √  for example, but not symbols for cmd, option and shift.

I have an other question about this use-revolution mailing list : how 
is it possible to answer directly to a thread ? I use this mail list 
with Safari.



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