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Sat Sep 18 07:55:40 EDT 2004

Hi sims,

>> Hi listers,
>> i searched everywhere, but did not find a way to include the
>> "Standard icons" and "Metacard compatible Icons" in the STAB settings?
>> Did i miss something obvious?
> Any hints are very welcome :-)
> Several months ago I asked something similar and received the 
> following reply.
> I wish I could simply add them from the Stand alone builder.
>>> We add Revolution's standard image/icon library 
>>> (revGeneralIcons.rev) and our
>>> custom image/icon library as stacks to our application (in the 
>>> stacks section),
>>> and in our executable we're going invisible to both stacks at 
>>> startup.
>>> This works and is probable a temporary solution, as Monte told us 
>>> (support).


Thanks for the quick info!

But "several months ago" and "probably a temporary solution" won't go 
together very well... ;-)

> We have room for a few more at the European Rev Conference.

Coool, tell me more about it!

> Don't miss out!
>> EuroRevCon - November 2004   Sign up now!
>> The November 2004 EuroRevCon Features...
>> Kevin Miller, Rev CEO Keynote Sunday evening and daily discussions, 
>> two full
>> days of Rev presentations and discussions by expert Rev developers
>> Malte Brill, Richard Gaskin, Klaus Major, Frederic Rinaldi, and Jan 
>> Schenkel.
>> Also offered are special pricing on Dan Shafer's book Revolution: 
>> Software at
>> the Speed of Thought, and Special Rev License pricing for attendees.
> atb
> sims
> -- 
> Tech Conferences
> We make...
> iBirthday
> SmartDog
> Kartolina

Best from germany

Klaus Major
klaus at

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