'Blessed' plugins

FlexibleLearning at aol.com FlexibleLearning at aol.com
Sat Sep 18 03:58:04 EDT 2004

This would indeed be a simple approach, Ken. However, if /when Rev supports  
the flexibility of aliased Plugins (i.e. so you do not have to keep an 
original  in the revPlugIns folder), then some persistent means of plugin 
identification  will be needed and an agreed property seems a simple thing to use...
Edit the script of cd 1 of stack revTools:
repeat for each line l in tStacksList
if the  visible of stack l and not the cantModify of stack l \
    then put the rect of stack l & cr after  tEditRects
end repeat

I set the revBlessed of Scripter's Scrapbook to 'true', added the line  above 
to my copy of RevTools and the problem was solved.
The beauty of this is you can switch it on/off at will... 'true' for plugin  
deployment and 'false' for plugin development.
Hugh Senior
Scripter's Scrapbook:  http://www.FlexibleLearning.com/ssbk.htm

>  There is, presently no way I can figure to make a plugin immune from  Rev's
> drap and drop of controls.

You're so right, Hugh! I opened  Fred Rinaldi's RegEx builder plugin and
dragged a button right on top of  it!

> At the moment, the revTools palette locks messages (so no  trapping events)
> and only tests if visible and modifiable (unreliable).  My suggestion is a
> 'blessed' property of some nature that the plugin  author and revTools both
> implement as a common identifier.

How  about something simple like: don't do this for any stacks that are in
the  plugins folder?

Ken Ray

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