'Blessed' plugins

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Sat Sep 18 01:00:24 EDT 2004

I had a similar problem. Rev wouldn't save my prefs until I quit. WHich is
a major time waste if you have more than one stack opened. Also if RR happened
to crash, I'd loose my prefs.

I just modified their code to my liking... There's a bugzilla for it if you
want the mod. it's 2097. I would suggest doing the same thing... Of course
for the new users it's another problem...

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> There is, presently no way I can figure to make a plugin immune from Rev's
> drap and drop of controls. For plugins that need to be modifiable this is a
> problem, especially for palette or modeless stacks... User
> accidentally creates
> a control on your plugin and cannot easily remove it (and if a newbie to Rev
> would probably be very confused if not lost).
> At the moment, the revTools palette locks messages (so no trapping events)
> and only tests if visible and modifiable (unreliable). My suggestion is a
> 'blessed' property of some nature that the plugin author and revTools both
> implement as a common identifier.
> Comments? Suggestions?
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