Getting a remote file in OS X

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Gregory -

Your code works for me in a button, and it retrieves the rtf file, but I 
have my firewall turned off on the host where the file is located. 
However, I have the firewall enabled on the client Mac.  Mine doesn't work 
either with the firewall turned on for the host, even when I explicitely 
allow ftp access through the firewall settings, and have passive ftp 
enabled in the Networks settings.  Try it with your firewall disabled, 
just to see if it works that way and go from there.  Sorry, not sure right 
off what to do.  Maybe a RevGuru can chime in.


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Still not working for me I'm afraid.  FTP is turned on. I also have the
firewall on.  Do I have to specify a port?  Is it because the file I
want is rtf?  Do I have to invoke some sort of library in Rev?

on mouseUp
get url
put it into fld "x"
end mouseUp


On Sep 15, 2004, at 4:09 PM, use-revolution-request at

> Do you have ftp services enabled on the Macs?  You can do this from the
> "Sharing" pane in "System Preferences".
> Please excuse this simple question if you've already done this. :-)
> This worked for me:
> on mouseUp
>   put "whateverName" into userName
>   put "whateverPassword" into password
>   put "" into ipaddress
>   get URL ("ftp://" & userName & ":" & password & "@" & ipaddress &
> "/data.txt")
>   put it into fld "x"
> end mouseUp
> Hope this helps...James
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