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Le 17 sept. 04, à 05:18, Stephen Quinn Barncard a écrit :

> So I didn't get a response. I guess my post was too long and rambling.
> I'll boil it down to this:
> Does Rev's Database Builder have some issues? I seem to run up against 
> some limitations such as integer variables being displayed in a field 
> with unwanted leading zeroes (which caused problems when written back 
> to MySQL) and the fields not being refreshed after being changed.
>  Do the database primitives work better than to use the builders?

Yes ! All the ones i use under the Mac OS X platform are OK. Under the 
linux platform, i didn't have time to test as long i'm still using 
direct shell() pipe calls to psql (Postgres).
> I mean, is the only way I'm going to really get control of the data 
> and change it going in and out is to do it directly? And does that 
> mean that the 'binding' would have to be done with put statements from 
> variables?
> Finally, does someone have a good example of recent stacks that 
> demonstrate how the primitives are used?

See if this (PostgreSQL dedicated) example app can help 

Best, Pierre
> thanks.
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