Flash/QuickTime interaction with Revolution

Tony Bray ahbray at xtra.co.nz
Thu Sep 16 20:25:47 EDT 2004

 From the description of your requirements I would recommend that you 
look very closely at Director.
Director will do all of the things that you have specified.
If you know the Rev Transcript langauge then you will find Directors 
verbose syntax (as against the "newer" dot syntax) to be very similar. 
If you know ActionScript then you will find that Director has Java as 
an option. Director and Flash communicate with each other extremely 
> The main problem is that this project integrates XML, databases, 
> multiple
> languages, and interactive graphics. I haven't found a tool that does 
> all
> this gracefully and think Rev or iShell may be the closest I'll get.

Director does all of these. In my opionion Director is better than 
Director is also cross-platform (Windoze and Mac -- no UNIX) and you 
can create standalone applications for both OS from the same source 
(similar to Rev)

Just my $0.05 --  we don't have 2 cent coins in NZ ;-)

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