thierry Douez douez at
Thu Sep 16 19:48:35 EDT 2004


GT> Hi Willie!

GT> Revolution can call external programs no problem.  They can even open a 
GT> process and write to its standard input and read from its standard 
GT> output.

GT> --gordon

GT> On Sep 16, 2004, at 17:05, Willie Moore wrote:

>> Does Revolution interface at all with perl or have to ability to call
>> external programs and if need be, handle their return data?  For
>> example, have it call a program that normally returns a list of words,
>> but have Revolution take that data and display it in a table.

I'm using since 1999 the couple Revolution-Perl.

Perl manage the core of the application and revolution is a kind
of front end. in Version 1 of the application, Metacard was used as a
wizzard to prepare all datas for Perl to be executed.
Version 2 i have for instance a full  editor in Revolution to write scripts
in a specific language  which is then send to a compiler ( written
in Perl ) and much more.... Perl scripts are in some case even stored
inside Revolution ( Fields or Custom Properties ).

all this is very stable and the goal is to drive a physical robot with
a lot of expensive materials to manipulate. One run of the application
could be from 1 hour to few days ! All this only on Windows NT.

if i had to do it again from scratch i will again do it this way :-)

my dream is to have an external to Revolution like mod_perl for apache.


Best regards,  thierry

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