Pointer tool in standalones

Mark Talluto userev at canelasoftware.com
Thu Sep 16 17:29:13 EDT 2004

On Sep 16, 2004, at 2:21 PM, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:

> I have a stack set up to choose the pointer tool when being opened.  I 
> want the user to be able to select, move, and resize most of the 
> objects, just like they can in the IDE (lines, rectangles, etc -- I am 
> trying to build a custom report editor).
> This works as it should when I am running the program in the IDE, but 
> when I try to run it as a standalone, I can select an object by 
> rubber-banding it, but I cannot select the object by clicking on it, 
> and I cannot move or resize the object at all.
> Is this a bug, or is this simply not supported in standalones?  Am I 
> missing something maybe?
> The command I use in preOpenStack to select the pointer tool is:
> choose pointer tool
> The behavior is the same under Dreamcard Player.

This is completely supported.  I have an app that used the pointer tool 
and browse tool interchangeably all the time.

Is the object a graphic?  Did you try clicking on the border of the 

Best regards,
Mark Talluto

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