Flash/QuickTime interaction with Revolution

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 16:49:10 EDT 2004

on Thu, 16 Sep 2004
Trevor DeVore wrote:

> In the upcoming 
> 1.0 version of the EnhancedQT external you can also
> set Flash 
> variables, get Flash variables click on Flash
> buttons and go to frames 
> in the Flash movie.  I hope to have a beta of this
> up sometime next 
> week but we will see how things go.

This is great news, Trevor!

Could you create a dll that only plays
Flash movies, without Quicktime installed?

I've read about a Flash OCX used in Delphi
to integrate Flash movies in their executables.

Really, How difficult could it be to create
a Flash only DLL player for Revolution?

Thanks in advance for your response.
Keep up your good work!


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