Flash/QuickTime interaction with Revolution

Trevor DeVore lists at mangomultimedia.com
Thu Sep 16 15:45:19 EDT 2004

On Sep 16, 2004, at 11:58 AM, James.Cass at sealedair.com wrote:

> "If the only tool you have is a hammer,
> pretty soon everything looks like a nail."
> Rev is awesome, but It's healthy to have more than one tool.

I wouldn't argue that at all.  That is why I have delivered projects to 
clients that use Director, Authorware, Flash, iShell, QuickTime, PHP, 
MySQL, Valentina, XCode, Visual Studio.net, CodeWarrior, Dreamweaver or 
Revolution to name a few.

Since I have developed using these products I have participated in 
forums or lists for most of these products as well.  But this is a rev 
list.  Most people on the list are here because they love the tool (or 
are at least pretty fond of it ;-) and know how to use it or are 
learning how to use it.  If you ask questions about Rev then you are 
going to get answers on how to do things in Rev because that is the 
tool they know.

Sometimes the answer is going to be "You have to jump through this hoop 
to implement feature "x" in Rev".  It very well may be that it is 
easier to implement this feature in Director|Flash|iShell|etc. and 
people on this list who are familiar with the other tools mention it.  
But if developers want in depth information on how to use these tools 
then they should investigate these tools on lists where there are 
people who know the tool inside and out.  I wouldn't go to the Director 
list to learn about Revolution.

When all is said and done then it is up to the developer to decide if 
the hoops you have to jump through to get your project done in each 
development environment are worth jumping through when weighed against 
the pros that development environment offers.

Trevor DeVore
Blue Mango Multimedia
trevor at mangomultimedia.com

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