Flash/QuickTime interaction with Revolution

jbv jbv.silences at Club-Internet.fr
Thu Sep 16 11:17:25 EDT 2004

> > I understand that Flash
> > can only be rendered using QuickTime in Rev. Is this true?
> Yes, and currently the only the version of Flash supported by QT is <=5!

AFAIK there's always an offset of 1 between the current version of QT
and the supported version of Flash : QT5 used to support Flash <=4,
and QT6 seems to support Flash <=5 .

> > If so, can Flash Actionscript actions still pass information to Rev?

according to my own experience (even in very recent projects I've completed

only a couple of weeks ago), it's wiser (and much easier) to build all your

animations within Rev, instead of trying to have Flash files imported in a
player control, have them handled by QT, and then try to make your Rev
scripts interact with actionscript.
I guess (hope ?) several list members will aprove me if I say that almost
everything that can be done in Flash can be reproduced in Rev.
Timing can be a bit critical at times, but using
"send my_message to my_object in 0.42 seconds" might solve almost
every problem. As for graphics, as repeated dozens of times on this list,
the lack of an antialiased vector graphics tool in Rev is terrible.
IMHO that makes the big difference between Rev and Flash.
Last but not least, if using transparencies with settings changing over
time, make sure you have a good graphic board with enough RAM,
otherwise the result might be incredibly slow...


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