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> What would be the code to open a PDF file (Windows, and Mac) from  within 
> Revolution?

Solutions for both platforms are in

The Scripter's Scrapbook  

as launchURL and isAcrobatInstalled  but the skinny is:

case "MacOS"
replace "/" with ":" in tURL
if char 1 of tURL  is ":" then delete char 1 of tURL
put  quote&"Finder"&quote into tApp
put  quote&tURL&quote into tURL
put "tell  application"&& tApp  &cr&\
"open  file"&&tURL  &cr&\
"end  tell" into tScript
do tScript as  AppleScript
if "error" is in the result then  put the result into tResult
end if
case "Win32"
set the hideConsoleWindows to  true
put empty into tApp
if ("NT" is  in the systemVersion) then
set the  shellCommand to "cmd.exe"
put quote &  quote into tApp
end if
get  shell("start" && tApp && quote & tURL &  quote)
if the result is not empty then put the result into  tResult
end switch

Hope this  helps


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