Stephen Quinn Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Wed Sep 15 23:43:21 EDT 2004

Hi, Good to be back. I've been away from this forum for over a year.

I'm messing around with the DATABASE functions and MYSQL in the 
newest version of REV: 2.5. I've read most of the docs on the 
subject, and I've tried the feature earlier this year in my version 
of 2.2 - to a point.

I've previously created a working database which now interfaced on 
the web with PHP and Golive Dynamic techniques, which I learned 
recently. Permissions are all good, and COCOMYSQL and Navicat work 
perfectly with the database. (SQL has come a long way since I 
struggled with Butler on the Mac in the 90's.)

Database is bush_quotes with three fields: id (INT), quote (TEXT) and 
attributed (TEXT)

Creating a dynamic application was a breeze in Rev, except for a  few 
serious glitches which I'll describe later.

I set up the Database Query Builder (which is similar to Golive's 
Content source editor), then created fields and bound them to fields 
in the Query that I created earlier. Simple SELECT statement.

Everything just hooked up fine; real text appeared immediately after 
field creation , and first, last, next and previous buttons worked 
flawlessly and FAST.

Where I run into trouble is with UPDATING.

First of all, the changes don't usually work. Randomly they seem to 
happen, but I'm not sure what Rev is doing 'behind the scenes'.


I use auto update, change a field and click in another field to update.

I go to previous record, then back to the one I changed. It appears 
that my change was not accepted. Or was it?

Then I use 'refresh' button. The cursor reverts to the first record.

Either I can see the update (if I then step up to the changed record) 
or usually I get an error dialog:

Update Failed on the SQL command: UPDATE bush_quotes SET quote =:1 
WHERE id = '000000000003' RevDB error:

I noted that there was no way to display the id in a field without 
REV changing the value from the database to a displayformat with 10 
leading zeroes, as shown above. I should be able to display the id 
field without the formatting, or at least have a choice of number 
formatting. Is this then passed back into the database as a TEXT 
string instead of an INTEGER?


Would this mis-typing of variables be what is sending SQL into error?

If I want to do more things like searches, do I have to go to custom code?

how do I obtain the session id for the query?

How could I fix the formatting of a SQL field displayed in a field 
before it is displayed? I mean where would the script be? - I can 
handle the formatting.

thanks in advance!

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