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Wed Sep 15 16:16:24 EDT 2004

Leston -

You should be able to use the "open file" command for Windows or Mac. 
Check out the Transcript Dictionary under Help.

Not sure about Windows, but in MacOSX, the default app for PDFs is 
"Preview".  If you want the PDF to open with Acrobat instead, I'm not sure 
if Revolution can force that (others chime in please).  Two possibilities 
are to set the default app for the client to be "Acrobat" for ALL PDFs. Or 
you can build an AppleScript in your Rev code like this:
-- --Tested in a button and this worked-----
on mouseup
  answer file "Choose file..."
  put revMacFromUnixPath(it) into tMacFile 
  put "tell application " && quote & "Acrobat 6.0.2 Professional" & quote 
& cr & \
      "open" && quote & tMacFile & quote & cr & \
      "end tell" into tAppleScriptText
  do tAppleScriptText as AppleScript
end mouseup
-- -------

You'll have to feed it an appropriate AppleScript path where I have 
"answer file 'Choose file...'" and the respective "it".  Also, if your 
users just have Acrobat Reader, you'll need to designate that in the "tell 
application" part, instead of the full version.

Hope this helps...James

Leston Drake <lestond at lpsoftware.com>
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What would be the code to open a PDF file (Windows, and Mac) from within


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