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>> I know it's a little off-topic, but every time I see a request like
>> this I am reminded of how many feature requests would be unnecessary 
>> if
>> RunRev supported a way to call the native OS toolboxes.
>> I can even imagine a nice little business building cross-platform
>> functions to extend RunRev.
> Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this can be done
> via externals...

(As background, I've written a dozen externals for HyperCard)

There are lots of negatives to writing externals, and some big benefits 
to calling native from within Transcript.

      1) you have to code for each platform individually
      2) you need a development platform for each platform --- 
CodeWarrior or XCode on Mac OS X, MSDev on MS, whatever on Linux
      3) debugging and testing is difficult
      4) you need to release a separate external for each platform
      5) documentation for writing externals is sketchy (though 
supposedly about to get better)
      6) there are a dearth of externals currently available as compared 
the the number that were available for HyperCard, and the number that 
are available for RealBasic -- this may or may not mean something, but 
it's certainly a negative when comparing RunRev to RealBasic.

      1) much easier development, can be done within the RunRev IDE
      2) much simpler debugging and testing, again all within the RunRev 
      3) release as a single stack with code for all platforms (no 
externals need to be released or installed)
      4) to use all you have to do is "start using" the stack

-- Frank

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