General Question From Potential User

Gordon Tillman got at
Wed Sep 15 12:56:15 EDT 2004

Hi Willie,

On Sep 15, 2004, at 11:35, Willie Moore wrote:

> 1)  Allow me to drap a selection of multiple files onto it, have it 
> copy
> those files to a specific directory and then show the contents of that
> directory inother window.
> 2)  List the contents of a directory in a window, then allow me to
> select one or more files from that window and drag them to the desktop

I know question 1 is no problem.  I was doing something similar to that 
just yesterday.  I haven't tried question 2.  I know for sure that if 
you were dragging from a list in your application onto another area in 
the window of your application, something that represented the copy to 
location, that would be no problem.  I'm hoping someone on the list 
will have more info for you.


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