Mac OS X splittable window?

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Wed Sep 15 12:39:36 EDT 2004

Le 15-sept.-04, à 17:59, Frank Leahy a écrit :

> Hi,
> I'm looking at putting a simpler interface on my product for the next 
> rev, and wanted to make it a little more Mac-like.
> Has anyone been able to make a splittable window in RunRev?  I'm 
> thinking of something like iTunes where the little dimple is in the 
> middle of the bar separating the left and right panels, and when you 
> mouse over it the cursor turns to a splitter, and when you drag it, it 
> drags the separator bar in real time.
> Thanks,
> -- Frank

Hi Frank,

Klaus Major has written something for that

here is the script you could try and adapt to your project

It's not the original script, because I already have adapt it to my 

local maydrag, maxleft,maxright

on mousedown
   put true into maydrag
   ## In this example i set the maximum to (the width of the fields / 2)
   ## Change it to your needs, you can also use variables or 

   put item 1 of the loc of fld "aaa" into maxleft
   put item 1 of the loc of fld "bbb" into maxright
end mousedown

on mouseup
   put false into maydrag
end mouseup

on mouserelease
end mouserelease

on mousemove x,y
   if not maydrag then exit mousemove

   if x < maxleft OR x > maxright then exit mousemove
   ## Here the restriction of the movement in the x axis!

   put the rect of fld "aaa into r1
   put the rect of fld "bbb" into r2
   put the rect of fld "ccc" into r3

   ## In my example the distance between the 2 fields is ca. 20 pixel
   ## and the button is in the middle of them...
   ## That's why i use (x-10) and (x+10)!

   put (x-4) into item 3 of r1
   put (x+4) into item 1 of r2
   put (x+4) into item 1 of r3

   lock screen
   set the rect of fld "aaa" to r1
   set the rect of fld "bbb" to r2
   set the rect of fld "ccc" to r3

   set the loc of me to x, item 2 of the loc of me
   unlock screen
end mousemove

on mouseEnter
   set the cursor to 1977
   lock cursor
end mouseEnter

on mouseLeave
   unlock cursor
end mouseLeave

Hope this helps. Otherwise ask Klaus directly...

yvescoppe at

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