Mac OS X splittable window?

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Sep 15 12:13:59 EDT 2004

Hi Frank,

> Hi,
> I'm looking at putting a simpler interface on my product for the next 
> rev, and wanted to make it a little more Mac-like.
> Has anyone been able to make a splittable window in RunRev?  I'm 
> thinking of something like iTunes where the little dimple is in the 
> middle of the bar separating the left and right panels, and when you 
> mouse over it the cursor turns to a splitter, and when you drag it, it 
> drags the separator bar in real time.

i uploaded something like this to REV-Online...

Check the entry of "klausimausi" ;-)

It's called "field resize" and might get you started.

> Thanks,
> -- Frank


Klaus Major
klaus at

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