hiding menubar, or changing color/pat of mac os x menu...

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Wed Sep 15 00:06:07 EDT 2004

that was on challenge in my gradients palette...


1: mac has only square patterns - not exaclty fitting.
2: the patterns show up in the menu - not pretty usually.
3: I filled a bugzilla (I think I did)...

The only solution was to paint behind the menu. Leave the
menu standard. Another is the switch off the pattern when
you drop down the menu but it's not worth the trouble.


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> > I am looking for a way to change the menubar color/pattern of my app 
> > under os
> > x? or, to hide the menubar only while my app is running and when it 
> > resumes.
> > Any pointers, links, or code? Thanks.
> Don't know how you could change the pattern, but "hide menubar" works 
> well and it hides the dock too.
> Sarah
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