Windows standalone crashes on exit

Phil Jimmieson P.Jimmieson at
Tue Sep 14 10:01:07 EDT 2004

Hi folks,
I've got a standalone created with Rev 2.21 which uses mysql and 
which runs perfectly on OSX, but on Windows, when I click the close 
box the window goes away and I get an Application Error dialog which 
says (more or less):
"The instruction at "0x10001b0f" referenced memory at "0x014905c0". 
The memory could not be "read".  Click on OK to terminate the 

This has only recently started happening, and it does coincide with a 
major bit of programming work on the app in question. Anyone got any 
ideas what could cause this sort of thing? I thought it might be 
related to queued messages (I've got a real-time clock on the card), 
but I cancel those in the closestack handler. I just can't think of 
what it might be.

Revolution seems to have a few close-related messages (closestack, 
closestackrequest, shutdownrequest, shutdown) . Does anyone have a 
definitive recipe for handling closure via the close box on a stack 

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