Lindows - defaultfolder on startup

Martin Baxter martin at
Tue Sep 14 04:10:13 EDT 2004

> Mark Talluto wrote:
> From the docs:
>When you start up the application, the defaultFolder is set to the
>folder containing the application. If you're using the development
>environment, this is the folder containing Revolution; if you're using
>a standalone application, this is the folder containing that
>standalone. (On OS X systems, the defaultFolder is set to the folder
>that contains the application bundle.)
>I have found that the defaultfoder my standalones at startup on Lindows
>are at /root.  Just want to confirm this with you all before BZing
>this.  These same standalones on Win and Mac agree with the docs.


I just checked this here in a standalone (built in RR 2.1.2) on Mandrake
Linux 10, and the defaultfolder at startup of the standalone is:


The standalone is actually 2 folders below that in:


Could it be reporting the root folder of the owner of the folder the app is in?

Anyway it doesn't agree with the docs here either.

Martin Baxter

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