metal, palette and empty decorations

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Sep 13 22:15:53 EDT 2004

Bill Vlahos wrote:

> A Mac metal standalone can be resized normally but a Windows 
> standalone can't be resized dynamically (i.e. by grabbing the edge or 
> corner of the window) although it does support zooming to maximum and back.
> I'm not sure if these are bugs which is why I haven't buzilla'd them. 
> Perhaps Tuviah can comment if this is the correct and expected behavior.

It's weirder than that:  Ken and I were doing some experimenting not 
long ago and found that doing nearly anything to the decorations of 
windows other than setting them to "default" will cause the stack to be 
unable to be resized on Windows.

See the related report at:

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