engines? -- substacks

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Sep 13 19:45:26 EDT 2004

Erik Hansen wrote:
> at the risk of sounding like a pokomon
> collector, when my stack is saved as a 
> .exe distribution file, the substacks are
> also saved, but refuse to open when summoned
> in the script of a 'startup' button that
> is on the mainstack.
> putting the substacks in the same folder
> didn't help, nor did the RR tutorial
> mention substacks.
> any thoughts?

Don't know if this is related, but I had a circumstance recently in 
which I wasn't paying attention in my installer builder (Wise Install) 
and used its defaults, in which the default folder is set to the user's 
Documents and Settings folder.  This messed up my app's initialization 
pretty badly, as nothing was where I expected it to be.

I don't know what you're using for an installer, but maybe checking the 
OS settings that alter the default folder at launch will help.

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