Cascade Menu Item Behavior Depends on How Created

Dan Shafer revdan at
Mon Sep 13 16:20:02 EDT 2004

Well, here's a weird one for you. I'm not going to BZ this because I'm 
not sure if it's a bug or an annoying feature. :-)

Try this.

 From the Object menu, place a new Cascade Menu Item. (Yeah, I know. 
Doesn't seem to make sense outside the context of a menu. There are 
reasons for doing this in my project. Bear with me.)

Now go to the tool palette, drag in a Popup Menu, then change its type 
in the Object Inspector to Cascade Menu Item.

Select the browse tool.

Note the differences in behavior between two supposedly identical 

1. First item highlights on rollover and never shows its menu choices.
2. Second item does not highlight on rollover and shows its menu 
choices when you click on the button.


Sometimes it's better if an IDE has only one way of doing things.

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