Lock Screen and Modal Window?

Arthur Urban aturban at qwest.net
Mon Sep 13 14:47:49 EDT 2004

> It works here okay. I do notice an anomaly when I first set 
> the stack to 
> modal, clicking a button doesn't run its script. Clicking a 
> second time 
> and all subsequent times does. However, that's a different thing than 
> the lockscreen problem. When the button does run, lockscreen 
> works okay.
> When in your script are you locking the screen? That is, what system 
> message are you trapping, or what does your script do?

I'll try to be concise, if I can:

Here is a snippet of code from stack "A" that requests stack "B" to open.

   lock screen
   sheet stack "B"
   unlock screen

(I would have much prefered to say 'sheet cd x of stack "B"', but that
syntax is not allowed for some strange reason.)

In stack "B" I have:

   on openStack
      lock screen
      go cd (the pCardName of this cd of stack "A")
      unlock screen
   end openStack

I figure the dual lock screen calls are overkill, but then again neither of
them seem to do their job. It is upon opening the actual card needed that I
show/hide controls and fill in user data. That's the part that I can't seem
to prevent from showing. Then again, if I don't open the window as a 'sheet'
or as a 'modal' everything works fine.

~~~ Arthur

"Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake."

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