arrow keys in a text field?

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Mon Sep 13 12:30:26 EDT 2004

On 9/13/04 2:58 AM, Geoff Canyon wrote:

> On Sep 12, 2004, at 5:52 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Geoff Canyon wrote:
>>> I'm using 2.5 and I have a palette where the arrow keys aren't 
>>> working in a field. I've already checked that the appropriate 
>>> properties are set, and the arrow keys work if I move the field out 
>>> of the group it's in.
>>> I remember there being an issue if some portion of a field is covered 
>>> by something else, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I've 
>>> tried setting the group to the highest layer, and the field to the 
>>> highest layer in the group, with no luck.
>>> I've looked at the rawKeyUp data, and that message is being 
>>> triggered. But the arrow keys still don't move the cursor.
>>> Any ideas before I go prematurely gray?
>> Hqve you checked the arrowKeys and navigationKeys properties?
> true and true, or true and false, makes no difference.

I assume Richard meant "navigationArrows". There is also the 
"textArrows" property, which provides separate control. I suppose you've 
looked at that too...

So the next thing would be to look at the properties of the group 
itself, since the misbehavior only occurs there. I'm not sure what 
properties would block arrow key behavior, but you could try toggling 
various ones to see if it helps. Also, it almost sounds like you have an 
arrowKey handler, keydown handler, or a rawKeyDown handler somewhere 
that may be blocking the behavior; probably in the group script?

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