metal, palette and empty decorations

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Sep 13 10:41:00 EDT 2004

Hi Tuviah,

> won't work. metal is technically a decoration. setting the metal of a 
> stack sets this decoration
> for you. you can try setting the decorations to empty and then setting 
> the metal of the stack to true.

Tried that, but then the whole card turns white, means all objects 
disappear, but
are still there, read i can click buttons, if i hit the right place...

I did it in three steps:

set the style of a stack to palette
set the decorations to empty
set the metal to true

Ends up with an empty LOOKING window...

But thank your for your statement, now i know its not supported anyway 
I can live with the decorations set to ("title, metal") :-)

> best,
> Tuviah


Klaus Major
klaus at

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