more problems with ftp

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Sep 12 15:54:33 EDT 2004

Hi rand,

>  Hi, all. I really appreciate the feedback you guys gave me on my ftp
> problem -- I was trying to download a series of files and I needed to 
> know
> how to use the libURLDownloadToFile command properly. My problem was 
> that
> files weren't downloading proprerly, and I figured it was because I was
> using a "blocking" strategy with a looping "put" command. But I 
> continue to
> have problems and I'm hoping someone can give me a clue. Here's the 
> problem:
>  Following similar suggestions from Sarah Reichelt and Andre Garzia, I
> created special handlers that use the libURLDownloadToFile command, 
> like so:
> libURLDownloadToFile
> tFileOnWebtoGet,tFileNameOfDownloadedFile,"downloadDone"
>  Then I have a handler
> on downloadDone
>  --
> end downloadDone
>  which checks to see if the download queue is empty, and if so, quits. 
> The
> problem is that on downloadDone never seems to get called.

Please make sure that BOTH handlers, the one that calls the 
AND "DownloadDone" are in the SAME script!

> There must be an
> error in downloading the first file, which has the correct name in the 
> local
> directory, but is empty.
>  well, there is a stunning array of potential problems, i am 
> realizing. but
> when i do a test for an error message on download, i get:
> "error, url is currently loading"
>  what is this about, since the handler that called that url should be 
> long
> done? is there a way to wipe the ftp slate clean?

Sorry, no idea here...

Hope that helps...

> rand


Klaus Major
klaus at

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