Long Filenames in OS X?

Peter Reid preid at reidit.co.uk
Sun Sep 12 14:27:46 EDT 2004

>  >Anyone got any idea how I get full length file names?
>Look up the longFilePath function.

The LongFilePath function doesn't help, its purpose is (from the 
on-line help for Rev 2.5):

   "Returns the long-format equivalent of an 8.3-format file path."

and has nothing to do with the 31 character limit inherited from Mac 
OS Classic.

I think this is bug 1659 as mentioned by Jan:


I did try to longFilePath, just in case, and it definitely doesn't help!.

I see from the bugs database that this bug was identified in Rev 
2.3A1 but is still unresolved and doesn't even seem to have a 
proposed resolution schedule.  This is a SERIOUS impediment to the 
use of drag & drop under OS X (or in my case, the use of OS X to 
develop a program that will be used primarily under Windows).  I hope 
this get fixed soon!



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