Ryno Swart swartart at
Sun Sep 12 11:32:04 EDT 2004


I need a simple printing solution. I am putting together a School 
Yearbook in Rev in such a way that every card is also a printable page. 
It is a very small school, and very few of the parents have Macs, which 
is what I work on. So I need something chiefly for Windows, as I could 
make available separate CDs for Mac parents. A catch-all solution would 
be nice, though.

As one of the buttons,  I have "Print". Then I would like to give in a 
drop-down menu the option of "Print this page" or "Print the Yearbook 
(80 pages)". (The pages are in landscape so I would have to include 

------- the following script does NOT work -------
on menuPick which
   switch which
     case "Print this page"
       set the printRotated to true
       print this card
     case "Print the Yearbook (60 pages)"
       print this stack
     end switch
     end menuPick
I also tried a "answer" dialogue, but I could not find any 
documentation on how to handle three options; "Print this page" or 
"Print this stack" or "Cancel".

Does anyone have a a simple, or even a complicated, solution to my 
problem? It might even be nice to make available a kind or a standard 
script for less experienced scripters.


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