Inheritance in Revolution?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Sep 11 20:12:02 EDT 2004

Arthur Urban wrote:

>>>>isn't this what a group script for
>>>>25 grouped buttons should do?
>>>Sure. But what if your 25 buttons aren't on the same card 
>>or the same 
>>>stack? They may still all need the exact same behaviour.
>>Use a frontscript that differentiates based on a property setting.
> I'd like to see an example of that, but I still think I'll vote for the
> object specific backscript. What can I say...I like elegant language
> features. 8^)

Me too.  As Geoff Canyon wrote yesterday, this is already on the feature 
request list as object frontscripts and backscripts.

I had thought you had an immediate challenge and were looking for a 
solution in the meantime.  If you can afford to wait for greater 
convenience somewhere down the road then of course there's no need for 
an immediate solution....

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