Inheritance in Revolution?

Arthur Urban aturban at
Sat Sep 11 17:47:25 EDT 2004

> > There is something similar that's been in
> > discussion and will hopefully be
> > implemented in the next version (or the one
> > after that), and it's being
> > called "parentScripts". Sort of an
> > object-specific "backscript", you can
> > assign the script of an object as the
> > "parentScript" to one or more other
> > objects. This would allow 25 buttons to use the
> > same script of its parent.
> isn't this what a group script for
> 25 grouped buttons should do?

Sure. But what if your 25 buttons aren't on the same card or the same stack?
They may still all need the exact same behaviour.

~~~ Arthur

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