Using xml functions

Bill bill at
Sat Sep 11 11:15:21 EDT 2004

I have been studying the excellent example stack xml-treeview and the runrev
documentation and as far as I can tell it is easier to generate a new xml
document by just hard coding

Put "<NOTICE xmlns:xsi=" & quote &
" & quote & ">
  <NOTICE_DETAILS>" & return &
    "<CREATED_DATE_TIME>" & fld date & </CREATED_DATE_TIME>" after mynewXML

There are lots of cool functions in the library but (like  revAddXMLNode or
revAppendXML ) it seems like it would be more complex to use them. Does
anyone have a sample stack showing the building of an xml document from
runrev that I could pull apart? What I am doing is converting MySQL data to
an XML document.


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